Tzvi is Closing 2013.

Happy New Year!!!

This was 2013… The best year of my life 🙂
Probably the biggest closing of an era for me.

What I learned: 

  • Who am I.
  • What I want.
  • What woman want (Not selling this secret 🙂
  • How to live life.

Main events (Nobody has privacy anymore anyway):

  • Romania trip.
  • Apartment move.
  • First employee in the company!
  • Office move!
  • New GF’s (At least 4 that I can remeber LOL)
  • Found a new home for my 2 cats 🙁
  • Moved to Linux on all of my computers!
  • Learned to release.
  • Turned 30!
  • Fell in love.
  • Fell out of love.
  • Met someone amazing 😉

Keep in mind:

  • Add value to other people’s lives.
  • Fashion and grooming is fun?!?
  • Say YES to things (Romania… lol).
  • The sea is over crowded with fish.
  • Music is my life.

I wish you all the same for 2014 🙂
Love, Tzvi Shahar

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