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Tzvi Shahar

Tzvi Shahar

I’m Tzvi, a life enthusiast and a web entrepreneur.

Since 2005, web application development and creating solutions on the web has always been a work I loved, In fact it has been so enjoying for me I can barely even call it work – Even after spending hours of script debugging on a web page which barely gets one visitor per day.

I have built this blog mainly, to share my thoughts on life and work. thoughts which come up with each project or solution I work on.

Meeting people, self education, self help and E-Courses have always been my main choice for self improvement.
Most of my profession and skills were acquired by learning from information found on the web or by meeting people from the industry. Having full control of the topics I study has been shown to have great influence on my life, I have found that gaining true knowledge of life can be received without 4 years all around university studies (including gaining financial freedom – Which was found to be the top and premiere reason for one to study years in a university).

Beyond web development, magic tricks & handling animals (especially cats), traveling and playing video games are my current favorited leisure activities.

My company’s websites and solutions can be accessed via my blog links.
Thank you for reading this and visiting, I hope you’ll enjoy my blog and my articles…



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