When to take a Time Off

When to take a break?

One of the most important things you can do for productivity is taking breaks.

There are 3 types of breaks:

1. regular hourly breaks
You can use the ClockAway.com break reminder for that

2. Small Vacation breaks.
To clear your mind after a long project

3. Yearly – long 1-2 weeks at-least break.
The big one, A restart for your mind, soul and body.
This is where you leave the country and travel to exotic places.

After talking to many people about this,
If you’re missing on one of the break types,
You’ll probably regret this the rest of your life…

the first type of break can really improve you productivity.
The second will make you feel good about your life & job.
the third type will build you up as a person of the earth.

Take a break.


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